How Can You Help?

Provide your contact information and areas of interest to be matched with projects.


Check out the 11 projects that are waiting for volunteers.

Exterior Restoration

Exterior screens need to be restored. A fresh coat of paint is needed to preserve the wood structure. Masonry work is also needed. This can be an individual or group project. You supply the labor and we supply materials!

Basement Restoration

Work is needed to replace a small section of floor and brace some areas underneath the floor. You supply the labor and we supply the materials.

Not Afraid of Heights?

Since school is back is session we want to ring the bell.

We need a group to put the schoolhouse bell back in the campanile.


Are you a retired teacher or interested in teaching others about history?

We are looking for docents to provide programs to youth and adults as needed.

Slate Chalk Board Installation 

Chalk Boards - Do you have the skills to install and possibly cut slate chalk boards? Do you know where we can get additional slate chalk boards?

History Research

Help collect information about Stanhope during the time the schoolhouse was open and former student stories. 
Search newspapers for articles regarding Stanhope and the Stanhope Schoolhouse.

Landscaping Project

Brush needs to be cleared, plants need to be planted, and parking lot needs to be constructed. Can you or a group of friends help with any of this short term project?


Can you build a wooden replica of the outhouse that students used when the school was open?

We will supply the materials and have the foundation from the original outhouse.

Program Coordinator

Coordinate a public program during May, July, and September. 

Fundraising Coordinator

Coordinate fundraising events throughout the year.

Odd Jobs

There are a number of odd jobs which need to be done. This list is ever changing and currently includes installing light fixtures, security system and building/installing stairs to the basement.

Contact us for current needs.

Help Preserve the History of the Stanhope  Schoolhouse

Do you have artifacts from 1879-1952 about the Schoolhouse, former students and staff or the Stanhope area? We would love to them include the in our expanding archives.

Please contact us with details